Month: October 2020

Get to Know Friendship Circle

Speaking as a member of the Friendship Circle organization, Lenore Fogel discusses the beginnings of Friendship Circle, the programs it provides, and its greater impact on the community. Friendship Circle is an organization that pairs children with special needs with teen volunteers in a variety of programs that deepen connections and foster friendships. By bringing …

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Special Education

Watch now to learn more from Robbi Mintz, a special education teacher, about the importance of individualized learning and support in schools. Special education is crucial in the lives of children with physical and mental disabilities, ensuring they have access to welcoming and encouraging learning environments. Equipped with fine tuned skills and strategies, special education …

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Autism from a father’s perspective

autism puzzle piece picture

Watch now to learn from Jay Spindel, a father with two children with autism spectrum disorder. In this interview, you will gain deep insight on the process of understanding autism spectrum disorder from Mr. Spindel. Early intervention, diagnosis, therapy teams, and personalized educations are all topics that Mr. Spindel discusses regarding the challenges families face …

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

multi-colored toy blocks

Watch now to learn more from Sandy Reis-Cooper, a pediatric occupational therapist who has been working with children for over twenty years. Occupational therapy is an amazing way for people with physical and mental disabilities to develop social skills, strengthen executive functions skills, and build independence, through specific activities. Learn more about reasons for seeking …

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