Applied Behavior Analysis with Dr. Peri Seshens

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Watch now to learn about the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), from Dr. Peri Seshens, PsyD, BCBA, LBA. She is the owner of Bridge Kids, a company that provides behavior therapy to children with autism and other related disorders in New York. Through evaluations and collecting data, Dr. Seshens and her team gain a …

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Sociopathy vs. Psychopathy

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While these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to different sets of characteristics and symptoms. Both psychopathy and sociopathy are classified under antisocial personality disorder, which is a part of the Cluster B personality disorder group. Behaviors of those in this group demonstrates a disregard for societal rules and others, as well as unpredictability.  …

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Tourette’s Syndrome

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Recently, I watched the movie “Front of the Class,” a story about a man with Tourette’s syndrome who learns to appreciate his tics as a reason for his success. Throughout the movie, the audience sees the man where he is in the present time, striving to become a teacher and spread awareness of Tourette’s, as …

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Socially Aversive Traits Over Time

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Although people’s overall temperament remains constant throughout life, people become less socially aversive as they age. According to the article, “People Seem to Become Less Socially Aversive with Age,” over time, dark personality traits, which causes individuals to put themselves over others, lessen. To prove this claim, researchers followed around 500 German adults, between the …

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Friendship Circle’s Volunteer of the Week

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Some exciting news: I have been featured by Friendship Circle as volunteer of the week! I have been volunteering at Friendship Circle for three years as part of their Children’s Circle program. I love volunteering at Friendship Circle for its sense of community and dedication towards helping others. Volunteering there, I feel that I’m truly …

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How are poor sleep and loneliness connected?

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Poor sleep and loneliness are two issues that are interconnected in a cycle that affects its sufferer psychologically and physiologically. Loneliness, the sense that one has less social interaction with others than ideal, can be worsened by the lack of sleep.  In a paper by Melanie Hom, Caol Chu, Megan Rogers, and Thomas Joiner in …

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How Does Autism Relate to Gut Dysfunction?

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According to Think Autistic, the connection between gut function and autism is pivotal in understanding how gut problems correlate with emotional and behavioral symptoms associated with autism. By learning about gut dysfunction, parents can have a more well rounded approach in dealing with their autistic child’s needs.  As written in Spectrum News, about 40% of …

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Aquatic Physical Therapy

Watch now to learn about the field of aquatic physical therapy from Ailene Tisser, the cofounder of Swim Angelfish. Her company works towards raising awareness for the need of adaptive swim lessons designed to help children with autism, sensory and motor coordination, trauma, anxiety, and more. Through aquatic therapy, children can better process sensory information, …

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Get to Know Friendship Circle

Speaking as a member of the Friendship Circle organization, Lenore Fogel discusses the beginnings of Friendship Circle, the programs it provides, and its greater impact on the community. Friendship Circle is an organization that pairs children with special needs with teen volunteers in a variety of programs that deepen connections and foster friendships. By bringing …

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Special Education

Watch now to learn more from Robbi Mintz, a special education teacher, about the importance of individualized learning and support in schools. Special education is crucial in the lives of children with physical and mental disabilities, ensuring they have access to welcoming and encouraging learning environments. Equipped with fine tuned skills and strategies, special education …

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